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BearboatSP is the latest member of a family of programs for designing kayaks and similar craft. The original program distributed on the web was Bearboat Classic, known originally simply as Bearboat. It was made available in 1998 and ran only on the PC. In 2002, that program was superseded by Bearboat Pro which ran on both Mac and PC computers. Begun in 2009, BearboatSP has finished a long gestation in beta and has now supplanted Bearboat Pro.

Access to the older programs is maintained for those who might prefer them and for those who are striving to migrate old designs to BearboatSP.

BearboatSP can open and convert Bearboat Pro files, but it cannot open Bearboat Classic files. Bearboat Pro can open Bearboat Classic files and convert them to Bearboat Pro files. They can then be converted to BearboatSP files using BearboatSP. Therefore, moving an old design from Bearboat Classic requires using Bearboat Pro as an intermediary.

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Previous versions of Bearboat

Bearboat Classic
Bearboat Pro


This is a program to access many images of human anatomy. These images are useful for learning anatomy and as reference tools for medical practitioners, radiologists in particular.


Terminologia Anatomica

Obtain large list of anatomic terms in a hierarchical outline format. OmniOutliner.

Terminologia Anatomica


Database to track code created in the programming language Xojo.

Free Application.



Kayak Charts

Available here are charts which have been formatted as to be useful to kayakers. These are free and cover areas that I have recently kayaked.

Kayak Charts

Tides and Currents 2020

Available here are tides tables and current tables of interest to kayakers and others presented as colorful graphics

Tide Tables

Current Tables

Hazel & Labels in Mavericks

How to make the transition

Hazel meets Mavericks

REALbasic Database Programming

Example code for building databases in REALbasic using SQLite

REALbasic: Databases

Ferrer Point Radar Station

Nice short hike on the northwest corner of Nootka island to the ruins of a World War II radar station near Ferrer Point

Ferrer Point, Nootka Island

SEEK 1969

Wilderness Camping for Seattle Urban Youth

SEEK 1969: Information

Triangle Area in 3-D

Calculate area knowing three vertices

Triangle Area Calculation


Radiology information and directory data for TRA (Tacoma Radiology Associates).

TRA Reference Material

History of Radiology in Pierce County

Created by William Jackson 2011

Pierce County Radiology

Fox Island Cemetery

View Plot Maps

Fox Island Cemetery