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When people finish a kayak project, I encourage them to send me a picture. Here are some examples. I have included some of my own designs as well.

Elaborate desk design Cedar strip kayak on lake Cedar strip kayak Artfully designed child kayak Child in a small kayak Kayak out in the snow New Zealand kayak Short stable kayak Stitch panel kayak on car Under construction Ursa310 Neahkahnie Ursa350 Neahkahnie Ursa 350 model bottom Ursa 350 model side Ursa 350 on beach north of Cape Caution Ursa 420 kayak hull Ursa 420 kayak in rain Ursa500 and Ursa350 kayaks Ursa Minor kayak in Esperanza Ursas 432 on the Uchuck headed for Friendly Cove, Nootka Australian Kayak Australian Surf Kayak