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Bearboat Classic

Bearboat Classic runs exclusively on the PC. Bearboat Classic was formerly known simply as Bearboat. The name, Bearboat Classic, was adapted simply to differentiate the program from BearboatPro. The earliest predecessors of this program were written in 1980. In 1998, it was converted to run on Windows NT and was placed on-line.

Bearboat Classic is no longer being upgraded. This program has been replaced by BearboatPro and more recently by BearboatSP. The program is probably available for download here for those who, for some reason known only to themselves, might want to get a copy.

I say probably because I have lost the most recent version of the file. For a long time, I had a Web site with what I thought was a link to the Bearboat Classic file. It was labeled 020518 (May 18, 2002). Apparently that file was not successfully uploaded to the web. And I cannot find that file in my own archives. I have an earlier file for which I have a link below. Since I no longer own a PC, I can no longer test this file. I would be curious about anyone's experience with it.

The program is provided as a zip file with all the necessary components to run this program on your computer.

Create an new folder. Give it any name that you care to. Place the zip file into this folder. Expand the contents of the zip file into this folder. Use the Setup program to install the program onto your computer.

Download Bearboat Classic for PC 2MB

I have also included the lastest version of the Bearboat Classic Manual (000902 - Sep 2, 2000) that I can find.

Download Manual for Bearboat Classic

Bearboat Pro

Bearboat Pro is capable of opening Bearboat Classic files. Those who want to modify an old Bearboat Classic file or analyze an old Bearboat Classic design are urged to download Bearboat Pro for this purpose. It is a much richer design environment that Bearboat Classic.

Bearboat Pro can convert a Bearboat Classic file to a Bearboat Pro file with very little loss of information. It is then possible, in turn, to use BearboatSP to convert a Bearboat Pro file to a BearboatSP file which is the currently actively supported program. BearboatSP can not directly open a Bearboat Classic file.

Final version of Bearboat Pro for the PC (060416BBPPC864 4MB) - Apr 16, 2006

Download Bearboat Pro for Windows

Final version of Bearboat Pro for the Mac (111209BearboatPro 7MB). Lion compatible. - Dec 09, 2011

Download Bearboat Pro for Mac

Manual for Bearboat Pro

Bearboat Pro Manual

Bearboat Print is a PC program only for printing out the Bearboat Pro templates created by either the Mac or PC version of the program. The same program can be used for the output of BearboatSP.

Bearboat Print

Bearboat Pro for Old Computers

030407BBPPC786 is a version of Bearboat Pro for the PC that is suitable for computers with small monitors (2MB) - Apr 07, 2003

Download Bearboat Pro for PC's with Small Monitors

040224BBP9 is a version of Bearboat Pro for the Mac user still using OS 9 (3MB) - Feb 24, 2004. Is there any such person still out there?

Download Bearboat Pro for Mac OS 9