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Coastal Hiking Maps and Kayaking Charts: Washington and British Columbia


These charts can be resized without loss of clarity so that one map can provide detailed information about a small area or an overview of a large area. These are vector graphs not bitmaps. Currently, four charts in this format are available for download.

Go to the individual download pages to download the charts for the different regions. These are PDF files and each chart contains high-resolution data for the entire area it covers.

Printing part of a PDF map

Zoom to the portion of the map you wish to print after you have downloaded it and opened the PDF. Using Acrobat, the easiest way to select an area to zoom is to use the Marque Zoom tool . If this tool does not show up on your toolbar (above the PDF document), then right click on the toolbar, select More Tools, and under Select and Zoom Toolbar, click the box in front of Marque Zoom (make sure a check mark shows in the box).

Click the Print button on the toolbar . Under Print Range select Current View, then OK.

You may have to click on a Reveal Button in the Print Dialogue Box to see the relevant options

Washington Olympic Coast

Olympic North Coast Olympic South Coast

Washington Olympic Coast Download Page

Cape Scott

Cape Scott Cape Scott

Cape Scott Download Page

Nootka Island

Nootka Island

Nootka Island Download Page

Sinclair Island

Sinclair Island

Sinclair Island Download Page