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Current Tables: British Columbia & Washington


Year: 2020     Units: knots     Daylight Savings Time when applicable


These current tables are provided in a format that can be helpful in planning kayaking trips. In our part of the world, it is often easier to do pass through tight tidal channels during slack water. On the other hand, times of maximal ebb and flood are of interest when seeking out challenging or fun water conditions.

The tables are color coded by the velocity of the current so it is easy to scan the entire year for days of interest. Times of slack water have a gray background. Times and magnitudes of maximal flood have a colored background which is related to the velocity. Be aware that these predictions are merely approximate. The timing and magnitude of tidal currents is subject to substantial variability related, among other things, to local weather conditions and cannot be predicted in advance with complete accuracy.

WWW Tide and Current Predictor is the source of the data used here. I am responsible for any errors that may have arisen in this mashup of that data. These current tables are distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Ebb Colors: Weak to Strong                Flood Colors: Weak to Strong
Weak                    Strong                   Weak                   Strong

The time of slack water is included as a time (08:23) written on a gray background.

Normally, the time AND magnitude of maximum ebb and flood (10:34 7.5) written on a background color that is related to the magnitude. Occasionally, there is not room for both the time and magnitude. In such instances, ONLY the magnitude is displayed. The POSITION of the text, will allow you to estimate the actual time.

Below a sample of a piece of current chart. As an example, lets read the data for Mo Jan 07. At about 1:00 AM, there is a flood current of 8.6, no precise time is provided because there is not room on the chart. The next entry is for 04:52. At this time the current is slack. At about 6:30 AM there is an ebb current of 2.0. There is not enough room to provide the precise time for this relatively weak current. Then at 08:05 there is another slack. Flood current starts and maximizes at 11:19 at an 8.3 value and continues to flood (red) until 14:04 when the current is again slack. The ebb current (blue) begins and reaches a maximum of 11.9 at 18:24. The ebb (blue) continues until the slack at 22:54.

Sample Current Presentation

Locations arranged from north to south within the subheadings

Inland Waters of British Columbia and Washington

Surge Narrows, BC - 50.2333° N, 125.1500° W

Surge Narrows Current Chart

Princess Louisa Inlet, BC - 50.1667° N, 123.8500° W

Princess Louisa Inlet Current Chart

Sechelt Rapids, BC (Skookumchuck) - 49.7383° N, 123.8983° W

Sechelt Rapids Current Chart

Porlier Pass, BC - 49.0150° N, 123.5850° W

Porlier Pass Current Chart

Gorge (Victoria Harbor), BC - 48.4500° N, 123.4000° W

Gorge (Victoria Harbor) Current Chart

Deception Pass (Narrows), WA - 48.4062° N, 22.6430° W

Deception Pass Current Chart

Ocean Coastline of Vancouver Island & Washington

Few Other Sites

San Francisco Bay Entrance (Golden Gate), CA - 37.8167° N, 122.4833° W

Golden Gate Current Chart

Noank, NY - 41.3187° N, 125.1500° W

Noank Current Chart



If you have thoughts on how these tables might be improved, please write. I am also interested in any errors that you might detect so the site can be corrected.

Are there any sites on the British Columbia or Washington coast for which you would like to see current tables in this format? Write.

Email me with any thoughts