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Tide Tables: British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California


Year: 2022     Units: feet     Daylight Savings Time when applicable


These tide tables are provided in a format that can be helpful in planning kayaking and beach hiking trips. In our part of the world, it is often easier to do extended kayak camping trips during times of relatively mild tidal range. Beach hiking often requires knowledge of tides for getting around headlands and the like.

The tide height (in feet) is provided every hour of the day. The table is color coded by the height of the tide so it is easy to scan the entire year for days of interest.

Finding a suitable week for a camping kayak trip is simple. Look for a week where, during the day, the tide does not go very low. (No blue colors and as much yellow and above as possible.) Good strategy for camping along the Washington coast.

In other contexts, you might be looking for extremely high tides or low tides to explore areas during those extremes. Just look for days and hours with dark red colors for the high tide or deep blues for the low tides. You can grok this for the entire year without much more than a glance.

WWW Tide and Current Predictor is the source of the data used here. I am responsible for any errors that may have arisen in this mashup of that data. These tidal graphs are distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Below a sample of a piece of an hourly tidal chart.

Sample Tide Presentation

Locations arranged from north to south within the subheadings

Inland Waters of British Columbia and Washington
Ocean Coastline of Vancouver Island, Washington, Oregon, and California

Inland Waters of Alaska, British Columbia and Washington

Seward, AK - 60.1200° N, 149.4267° W

Seward Tide Chart

Port Hardy, BC - 50.7167° N, 127.4833° W

Port Hardy Tide Chart

Pender Harbour, BC - 49.6333° N, 124.0333° W

Pender Harbour Tide Chart

Halfmoon Bay, BC - 49.5167° N, 123.9167° W

Halfmoon Bay Tide Chart

Point Atkinson, BC - 49.3333° N, 123.2500° W

Point Atkinson Tide Chart

Vancouver, BC - 49.2833° N, 123.1167° W

Vancouver Tide Chart

Tsawwassen, BC - 49.0000° N, 123.1333° W

Tsawwassen Tide Chart

Bellingham, Bellingham Bay, WA - 48.7450° N, 122.4950° W

Bellingham Tide Chart

Victoria Harbour, BC - 48.4240° N, 123.3710° W

Victoria Harbour Tide Chart

Reservation Bay (Deception Pass), WA - 48.4167° N, 122.6667° W

Reservation Bay Tide Chart

Port Townsend, WA - 48.1333° N, 122.7667° W

Port Townsend Tide Chart

Port Angeles, Strait Of Juan De Fuca, WA - 48.1250° N, 123.4400° W

Port Angeles Tide Chart

Port Gamble, WA - 47.8583° N, 122.5800° W

Port Gamble Tide Chart

Seattle, Puget Sound, WA - 47.6033° N, 122.3400° W

Seattle Tide Chart

Des Moines, WA - 47.4000° N, 122.3283° W

Des Moines Tide Chart

Tacoma, Commencement Bay, WA - 47.2550° N, 122.4317° W

Tacoma Tide Chart

Olympia, WA - 47.0517° N, 122.9033° W

Olympia Tide Chart

Union, (South Hood Canal) WA - 47.0517° N, 122.9033° W

Union Tide Chart

Ocean Coastline of Vancouver Island, Washington, Oregon, and California

Cape Scott, BC - 50.7833° N, 128.4167° W

Cape Scott Tide Chart

Saavedra Islands - Friendly Cove, BC - 49.6167° N, 126.6167° W

Saavedra Islands Tide Chart

Tofino, BC - 49.1500° N, 125.9167° W

Tofino Tide Chart

Port Renfrew, BC - 48.5500° N, 124.4167° W

Port Renfrew Tide Chart

Tatoosh Island, Cape Flattery, WA - 48.3917° N, 124.7367° W

Tatoosh Island Tide Chart

Cape Alava, WA - 48.1667° N, 124.7333° W

Cape Alava Tide Chart

James Island (LaPush, WA) 47.9067° N, 124.6467° W

James Island Tide Chart

Westport, Point Chehalis, Grays Harbor, WA 46.9050° N, 124.1050° W

Westport Tide Chart

Tongue Point, Astoria, Columbia River, OR - 46.2067° N, 123.7683° W

Astoria Tide Chart

Astoria (Port Docks), Columbia River, OR - 46.1867° N, 123.8600° W

Astoria Tide Chart

Seaside, 12th Ave Bridge, Necanicum River, OR - 46.0017° N, 123.9200° W

Seaside Tide Chart

Nehalem, Nehalem River, OR - 45.7167° N, 123.8833° W

Nehalem Tide Chart

Netarts, Netarts Bay, OR - 45.4300° N, 123.9450° W

Netarts Tide Chart

Nestucca Bay entrance, OR - 45.1667° N, 123.9667° W

Nestucca Tide Chart

Taft, Siletz Bay, (Lincoln City Area) OR - 44.9333° N, 124.0167° W

Taft, Siletz Bay Tide Chart

Bandon, Coquille River, OR - 43.1200° N, 124.4133° W

Bandon Tide Chart

Eureka, HumboltBay, CA - 40.8067° N, 124.1667° W

Eureka Tide Chart

San Francisco, CA - 37.8067° N, 122.4650° W

San Francisco Tide Chart

Santa Monica, CA - 34.0083° N, 118.5000° W

Santa Monica Tide Chart

San Clemente, CA - 33.4167° N, 117.6167° W

San Clemente Tide Chart

A Few Other Sites

Wilson Cove, Middle Bay, Casco Bay, ME - 43.8250° N, 69.9767° W

Wilson Cove Tide Chart

Beverly, MA - 42.5333° N, 70.8833° W

Beverly Tide Chart

Providence, RI - 41.8067° N, 71.4017° W

Providence Tide Chart

Noank, Mystic River Entrance, CT - 41.3167° N, 71.9833° W

Noank Tide Chart



If you have thoughts on how these tables might be improved, please write. I am also interested in any errors that you might detect so the site can be corrected.

Are there any sites on the West coast for which you would like to see tide tables in this format? Write.

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