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History of Radiology in Pierce County, Washington

by William Jackson, MD

I had the good fortune, during my practicing lifetime, to be at a confluence of medical and radiology history in Pierce County. I joined TRA, (Tacoma Radiology Associates), in 1972 and knew the senior radiologists Drs Flynn, Rigos, and Maki. The oldest partner, Dr. Raymond MacRae, had retired in the early 1950s.

I became interested in the medical history of Pierce County when I was president of the Pierce County Medical Society in 1988, during its Centennial year. I am certain that I am the only person who has read all the PCMS bulletins since their inception in 1930 to 2008. I also researched the PCMS records stored at the Washington State Historical Society. These archives consists of three large boxes of the minutes of PCMS meetings dating back to the society’s beginning in 1888. The archives also include pictures and membership records for 50 years. At the time of my retirement, I gave a pictorial presentation of our history and created a DVD with voiceover which is in our archives at TRA.

Pierce County Electricity Room

“Electricity” Room installed in Tacoma General Hospital in 1897

Pierce County Radiology History 8MB PDF

Pierce County Radiology History Addendum 2018 PDF