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Macintosh Download

210407RAAViewerApplication.zip (14MB)

210404SupportFiles.zip (190MB)

This is a new beta version that should be compatible with macOS Catalina and Big Sur. Two downloads: the app itself and the support files that it needs.

Recommend looking at the Mac Security and the Version 2 Installation pages of this website. Links below under the RAAViewer Manual heading. Deal with the complexity of lanching the program for the first time.

Windows Download

110601RAAViewer_W.zip (193MB)

RAAViewer Manual

Radiology Anatomy Atlas Viewer


Free Human Anatomy Atlas for Macintosh and Windows


A free program, available for Macintosh and Windows, that allows viewing of labeled images of human anatomy. The labels are linked to a database that offers in-depth descriptions of the parts of anatomy. An image or series of images is stored in a folder and then accessed by the program. Many folders of images are included with the download and the user can access them using the program on their own personal computer. The download is large because it includes over 1500 labeled anatomic images.

You might want to first download or view the manual, which is relatively small, to get a better understanding of the program.

The program is bundled with several sets of images. These include illustrations of the human body published in Eycleshymer & Schoemaker’s A Cross-Section Anatomy and photographs of axial slices from the Visible Human Project.

Slowly, over time, additional sets of images are being labeled and posted to this web site.

See the release notes for information on newer additions and consider downloading the latest version.

RAAViewer incorporates information from Terminologia Anatomica. If you are interested in this resource, independant of RAAViewer, you might want to check out this link, Terminologia Anatomica . Macintosh users with access to the application OmniOutliner, can download an outline version of Terminologie Anatomica here.

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Some Data Sources

Eycleshymer Atlas Visible Human Project