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RAAViewer is in the process of being updated to version 2. This does not bring any significant additional functionality, and if you are content to use the original version, there is no particular reason to change.

It will probably take until the end of 2021 to complete the conversion. Much of the program is not visible to the general users; it is present to facilitate the developer (me) adding image series and annotating them. It will take considerable time to update that part of the code.

The update has been prompted by advances in the Mac Operating Sytem. There is a groups of users that will have to move to version 2. Mac users that have moved to macOS Catalina or the even more recent macOS Big Sur can no longer use 32 bit programs and the original version of RAAViewer is 32 bit. Version 2 is a 64 bit program and can be used by the more recent macOSes. The beta RAAViewer version 2 is now available. It is possible for users on older versions of the macOS to use the new 64 bit version, but there is no urgency to upgrade.

The installation process has changed. Since the original release of RAAViewer the guidelines of where ancillary files should be stored have become stricter. The ancillary file, RAAViewerData.sqlite, and the folder of images, RAA_Images, used to be stored in the same folder with the application. This is now frowned upon. In version 2, these two things are now to be stored in a subfolder of Application Support. There is a new installation procedure to facilitate this.

Installation Instructions for Version 2


The goal is to have the application itself end up in the Applications folder and the support material (RAAViewerData.sqlite & RAA_Images) end up in ~Library/Application Support/com.bearboat.RAAViewer. These two files could be placed there manually, but the Library folder is somewhat hidden in the Macintosh Finder and it is best to let the program itself place these files.

The RAAViewer Project is downloaded as a two compressed (zip) files. One is the application itself (RAAViewer). The other decompresses to a folder called RAASupportFiles. When this is uncompressed, this folder has two items inside.

1. RAAViewerData.sqlite - a file that contains the anatomic terms and data about them

2. RAA_Images - a folder/directory that contains any number of subfolders. These subfolders contain the images that are used in the program. Each subfolder contains a related set of images. When you use RAAViewer, you select one of these subfolders from within the program to allow you to see the images in that folder.

Find some location on your computer. I just use the Desktop for this purpose. Decompress the application and decompress the other file so you have a folder called RAASupportFiles. Then use the Finder to place the application (RAAViewer) in the folder with the two support items. You will now have three items in that folder. Doing this task in this particular order is to avoid problems with App Translocation. I recommend that you go to the Security page on the Bearboat website and read up on the topic (http://bearboat.net/Security/210403Security.html).

These three items need to end up in the appropriate locations on your computer. Run the program will it is in the folder with its two companions. Since this is the first time the program is run, you will be warned by the Macintosh Gatekeeper utility concerned about your having downloaded a program for an unknown developer. There is a discussion of this issue on the Security page of the Bearboat web site. Usually, you can get past this point by right-clicking on the application and choosing Open from the contextual menu. You might find you have to do this twice.

When the program ultimately runs for the first time, it will place the file RAAViewerData.sqlite and the folder RAA_Images in the correct location. This is in a subfolder of the Application Support folder. (~Library/Application Support/com.bearboat.RAAViewer). This location is recommended (and increasingly insisted upon) by the macOS for such ancillary files. The graphic below is a diagram of this location. The Library folder on your Mac is a semi-hidden folder. Although there are ways to access it manually, you should not have to bother with this.

After running the program for this first time, just quit it. At this point, there will be only one file left in the RAASupportFiles folder— the application itself (RAAViewer). It is recommended that you now move this file into your Applications folder, the best spot for all your applications.

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