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SEEK - Seattle Emphasis on Education and Knowledge


SEEK - Summer Emphasis on Education and Knowledge

SEEK was a program that ran for a few years to bring urban kids out into the wilderness to work in the parks. This site is dedicated to the first year of that program.

A couple years ago, after seeing an article in the NY Times about Nick Fahey living alone on Cyprus island, my curiosity was peeked. I tried to learn more about SEEK and refresh my memories of that summer spent as a counselor by going onto the web. I could find nothing, which I thought was too bad.

For some of us, it was a pretty intense experience. The actual work done to clear trails or whatever was minimal. The park service was not actually eager to have the work done, and we were a motley crew that really was never successfully mobilized to work. So we spent six weeks moving among six sites, mostly in the Olympic National Park trying to live with each other. It was a racially mixed crowd. Many participants had no experience of living in the wilderness. Conflicts were many. I remember the staff almost coming to blows at the final meeting which was intended to evaluate the program at its conclusion.

The sites were beautiful.

The kids were between 12 and 15. They were often "out of control" as Governor Evans was promptly informed about the group that settled the first week at Sucia Island.

None of us are kids now. This is an early attempt at a website dedicated to that summer.

I would like to hear from any and all of you who were involved as kids or staff. What did the experience mean to you? What are your memories?

Write me. I would like to hear from you. Perhaps we can build this site up to reflect where people have gone.

Email me with any thoughts









Campsite Age Site Director Counselors Students
Lake Ozette 13 James W. Sollars Tim White Micheal Hester
Leroy McCullough Micheal Jackson
John E. Johnson Robert Young
Wes McConnell David L. Jackson
Daryl Washington
Quilla Joel Lofton
Troy Cottom
McClyde Clifton
Micheal Wood
Roscoe Brown
Allen D. Raine
Bruce Daniels
James Wilson
Humes Ranch 13 Brian Shera William Burton Edgar Batiste
Richard Mesmer Limmie Dillard
Corbet Clark Delo Hayes
Gregory Alex Luther Jenkins
Gregory Little
Melvin Marshall
Charles Price
Travis Macklin
Chris Green
David Lewis
Malcom McKinney
Patrick Esslinger
Delbert Williams
Third Beach 12-13 William Hopf Matt Witt Jefferson Banks
Doug Pullen Robert Turner
Dennis Brown Anthony Owens
Frank Longstreth William Thrasher
Roi-Martin Brown
James Earl Bryant
Benard Franklin
John Common
Eddie Hampton
George Williams
Ezra Davis
Arthur Altheimer
William Zei
Ray Jenkins
David Anderson
Micheal Marshall
Deer Lake 14-15 Doug Leen Jay Sasnett Carlos Carter
Michael Stone Martel Calhoun
Ronald Ray Woods Dennis Myers
Kimball Hoelting Stephen Raible
Kenneth Hopkins
Eddie Moore
Willie Sly
Walter Kimble
Joseph Thurman
Allen Sussman
Charles Daniels
Robert Chaney
Randy Dixon
Micheal Harris
Jose Gantt
Big Flat 12-13 Charles B. Jones Jeffery Jackson Tom Davis
Theodore Sheimo Charles Dillard
Hulet Gates Curtis Brown
Jim Barr Micheal Thurman
Victor Moleson
Gary Herrman
Tony LeClair
William Rivers
Sucia Island 13-14 Doug Thiel Donald Thomas Micheal Adams
Robert Livingston Allen Bell
Herbert Frey Marlon Johnson
Harvey Lowery
Micheal R. Smith
David Steinbrueck
Leroy Ward
George Lover
Stephen Metcalf
Vernie Reeder
Richard Weisgerber