Standardized Body CT Protocols

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Shoulder Arthrography
Hip Injections
Gadolinium Arthrography Mixture
Anticoagulation & Spine LP
16 Slice CTA Head & Neck
AAST Trauma Grading
Coronary CT Techniques at St Joseph
Rapid Rule Out Coronary CTA

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Neck Lymph Node Stations
Incidental Pulmonary Nodule on CT
Adrenal Adenoma CT
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Automatic dose modulation should be used for all protocols

Breast shield for women

Pancreatic Mass CT

water pancreas oral prep - 2 glasses (32 oz) water 15 minutes prior to scan

100 mL of Omnipaque 350

Hepatic Mass CT

also in patient with cirrhosis, hepatitis B or C

Water oral prep

150 mL of Omnipaque 350

Adrenal Mass CT

No oral prep

Routine Abdomen/Pelvic CT

Oral prep based on symptoms or diagnosis

IV contrast – scan at 70 seconds

Non-contrast Abdomen/Pelvic CT (KUB CT)

No oral prep

If for nephrolithiasis, scan prone if possible

Abdomen/Pelvic Renal Mass CT

No oral prep

If for nephrolithiasis, scan prone if possible

Abdomen/Pelvic IVP CT

also for hematuria

No oral prep

Inject 50 mL of contrast (30% of total volume) and wait 10 min.

Inject 100 mL of contrast (remaining volume) and scan in nephrogenic (venous) phase

Abdomen/Pelvic CTA

No oral prep

100 mL Omnipaque 350

Pelvis Routine CT

Oral prep based on symptoms or diagnosis

CT Enterography

Volumen oral prep - 3 bottles (1350 mL)

Pelvis Cystogram CT

not currently performed at TRA

Fill bladder retrograde via gravity with 300 to 500 mL of Cystografin (dilute Cystografin with equal volume of saline for CT)