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All reformats should be made from thinnest acquisition

Head CT

Head CTA

Should be performed with concurrent neck CTA unless specifically ordered only head CTA

Paranasal Sinus CT

Noncontrast unless requested with contrast

Limited Paranasal Sinus CT

Temporal Bone CT

Planes of Pöschl and Stenvers.

The Pöschl transverse pyramidal plane is 45° oblique from both the sagittal and coronal planes and sectioned the petrous bone in a plane perpendicular to its axis. The Pöschl plane gave a perfect section along the axis of the cochlear modiolus and optimally showed the vestibular aqueduct in longitudinal section. The superior semicircular canal appeared as a ring, with the entire arc of its outer wall displayed on one image.

The Stenvers plane is perpendicular to that of Pöschl. This plane, originally described for radiography and incorporated into pluridirectional tomography, is also 45° oblique to the coronal and sagittal planes but is rotated 90° to the plane of Pöschl. This plane shows the turns of the cochlea. The Stenvers plane also images the superior cortex of the superior semicircular canal in perfect cross section.

Maxillofacial CT

Orbit CT

Mandible CT: (Not Dental)

Neck CT

With contrast unless contraindicated or specifically requested without. 50 cc (40% total volume) inject at 1.5 cc/sec, wait 90 sec then 75 cc (remaining volume) inject at 2.5 cc/sec then image. Include entire orbits to pulmonary arteries (through caudal aspect of aortic arch)

Neck CTA

From aortic arch through circle of Willis (not through entire head)

Cervical Spine CT

Image skull base to T1-T2

Thoracic spine CT

Image C7 through L1

Lumbar spine CT

Image T12-L1 through S1-S2

Paranasal Sinus CT (SFH Only)

Noncontrast unless requested with contrast